Mini ADS1115 Four channel 16-Bit ADC Board

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This tiny ADC board is for adding a 4 channel 16-bit analogue to digital convertor to your project. Connection is via 4 single wire or 2 wire differential inputs to the board, which are then converted to 16 bit outputs. The output is via an I2C interface, compatible with both Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.

The pins are suited to standard sockets with a pitch of 2.54mm.

  • 26 x 8 x 3mm (l x w x h)
  • 10 Pin (2.54mm pin pitch)
  • Analogue to digital convertor
  • 16 Bit Precision
  • 860 samples per second
  • I2C connection
  • 4 Single ended inputs
  • 2 Differential inputs
  • 2 - 5V input
  • M3 mounting holes (centres 21mm apart)
  • Designed to be compatible with standard 2.54mm sockets
Pin Description
V 2 - 5V
G 0V
SCL Data
SDA Data
A0 Analogue Input 0
A1 Analogue Input 1
A2 Analogue Input 3
A3 Analogue Input 3


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