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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers for 2019! Thank you very much for your custom over the last 12 months. New for 2019 is our 2m 550W amplifier module for the radio amateur. In the coming year we'll be concentrating on other bands, such as 70cms, 4m & 6m as well as expanding our product range of RF transistors and components. 

Please have a browse through our pages and if we do not stock something you would like to see here, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Fake parts:- At Enigma Shop, we don't sell fake parts. Searching online, you can find hundreds of cheap RF transistors (Ebay is a great example of this). We get emails all the time from people who've bought seemingly genuine parts which simply don't work when put in circuit or very commonly work a little bit and then fail prematurely. A classic tell-tale sign of this is RF transistors packaged individually in a silver-coloured antistatic bag which come from China. These are generally second-hand parts which have been re-marked and refurbished to look new. This isn't simply salesman speak to make you buy more expensive parts at Enigma, its the simple fact that genuine parts cost more than fake! Those that know spend a little extra and get the real thing.

We've collected quite a lot of data on fake RF parts and hope to produce a white paper in the future which shows just how the parts are faked, you'll be amazed at the lengths the counterfeiters go to in order to sell this stuff. 

If you ever receive a part from Enigma that you think is counterfeit, just return it to us for evaluation. Remember, we'll never knowingly sell fake parts.  

Welcome to Enigma Component Shop, an online shop specialising in electronics components for the hobbyist, with a bias towards RF technology. We are continually updating the site with new products, so please add us to your favourites and come back regularly.

At Enigma Shop, we aim to provide a professional, prompt and courteous service to all our customers. Enigma Shop is constantly developing, therefore, we gladly welcome any suggestions for stock items that we do not currently carry. Please let us know your thoughts by using the Contact Us page (found on the left hand navigation bar) - we promise not to give your details to any other company.

We have a number of items on special offer so please have a look and maybe grab yourselves a bargain! Our special offer page will be updated regularly with new items.

Finally, we invite you to register on the site as we periodically email discount codes to our registered customers. If you like our site, please recommend us to your friends using the Tell A Friend About Us form on the main menu. If any of your friends register with us, we'll email you both a discount code to use on your next purchase!

We hope you found what you were looking for and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Thanks for visiting, 

The Enigma Shop team

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