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 Quantity  Price  
MMCX PCB Jack MMCX RF Socket 1 £0.75 click here to purchase
N Panel Socket 4-hole, PCB or Coax 1 £2.99 click here to purchase
SO239 Socket Gold/ PTFE 4-hole, coaxial 1 £1.69 click here to purchase


 Name  Type  Quantity  Price  
15 Way D-Hood 15W D-type cover 1 £0.19 click here to purchase
15 VGA Socket set 15W H/ density D socket 1 £0.49 click here to purchase
25 Way IDC 'D' Socket 25W Ribbon Cable socket 1 £1.29 click here to purchase




 JST XH Series General Purpose Locking PCB Sockets and Cables
 Part Number  Description  Quantity  Price Each
 XHF-2P-S Female socket 2-way straight   1  £0.29
 XHF-3P-S Female socket 3-way straight   1   £0.29 
 XHF-4P-S Female socket 4-way straight   1   £0.32 
 XHF-5P-S Female socket 5-way straight   1   £0.32 
 XHF-6P-S  Female socket 6-way straight    1   £0.34 
 XHF-7P-S  Female socket 7-way straight   1   £0.36 
XHF-2P-RA  Female socket 2-way right-angled   1  £0.29
XHF-3P-RA Female socket 3-way right-angled  1   £0.29 
XHF-4P-RA   Female socket 4-way right-angled    1   £0.32 
XHF-5P-RA  Female socket 5-way right-angled  1  £0.32
XHF-6P-RA  Female socket 6-way right-angled  1  £0.34
XHF-7P-RA  Female socket 7-way right-angled  1  £0.36
XHL-2P30 Male lead 2-way, 30cm 1  £0.29
XHL-3P20 Male lead 3-way, 20cm 1  £0.29
XHL-4P30 Male lead 4-way, 30cm 1  £0.32
XHL-5P30 Male lead 5-way, 30cm 1  £0.32
XHL-6P30 Male lead 6-way, 30cm 1  £0.34
XHL-7P20 Male lead 7-way, 20cm 1  £0.36