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  • Manufacturer: Enigma Broadcast

Amateur Radio 4m High Power 300W Amplifier Module

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Product description

The Enigma Broadcast 4m high power amplifier is perfect for those wishing to increase their presence on the 4m band. With an output of 300-350W with an input drive of only 1.5W, this compact module has several novel features and excellent specifications. 

Based around the design of our hugely successful 2m 300W amplifier, we have re-tuned and optimised the PA for the 4m band, resulting in excellent performance. Very high efficiency of over 75% (typically 77%) and super low harmonics (always less than -70dBc) guarantee a clean, cool running amplifier.

This module is suitable for those wishing to build their own home-brew amplifier but lack the experience or test equipment to build and set up a full kit themselves. 

The amplifier is supplied completely assembled and tested on a heatsink. For a finished product you will need to add a case, a fan of at least 50cfm, 500W/ 48-50V power supply, coaxial relays, coax cable and connectors.  


-Fully assembled and tested amplifier building-block 

-High quality components used throughout

-Latest high-ruggedness MRFE6VP6300H RF mosfet

-High efficiency design

-Broadband, requires no tuning

-On-board low pass filter. Excellent spectral purity

-On-board directional coupler and precision thermistor for SWR and temperature monitoring

-Bias shutdown for PTT

-Temperature compensated mosfet bias

-Suitable for FM, SSB and Digital modes


-Power Gain:  >22.5dB @48V/ 150mA bias (1.5W input required for >300W output)

-Efficiency: Approx. 75% @330W/ 48V (FM mode)

-Harmonic output: <-70dBc, 65-75MHz

-Current draw: Typical 9A at 48V

-Supplied tested and set-up for FM use, SSB and Digital modes will require re-adjustment of bias

-Mismatch ruggedness: >SWR 65:1. Tested into open and short circuit loads at the output without damage.

-Size: 200 (L) x 100 (W) x 75 (H)mm (mounted on Enigma HS200 heatsink). 

-Voltage outputs via an edge connector for thermal and SWR monitoring, suitable for connection to a microcontroller

-Bias shutdown for PTT (dual mode, either ground or +5-12V input to disable bias)

-LED indicators for +50V Supply and PTT bias on. 

-Supplied with a full test report, user manual & technical support via email. 

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