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  • Manufacturer: Enigma Broadcast

Tracking Microwave Receiver Kit - Module

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Product description

The Enigma Broadcast tracking satellite tuner module can be used from 850-1750MHz as a standalone receiver for the 33cm amateur band or from 10.6-11.5GHz with a 9.75GHz universal LNB connected to the input. 

The tuner is microprocessor controlled and can be used as a fixed frequency receiver or switched to tracking mode where it automatically track drifting sources such as Gunnplexers as they move over time. 

Available in kit form or as ready-bit module.  Supplied with full instructions.


  • Power supply: 14-16V DC, 0.5A (250mA without LNB).
  • LNB Output: 12V DC.
  • Input frequency: 850-1750MHz, tunable in 1MHz steps.
  • Baseband output; 250mV RMS
  • Sensitivity: -85dBm (reduced -80dBm sensitivity for tracking to work effectively).
  • Tracking function: total 25MHz capture range (+/-12.5MHz from selected input frequency).
  • Dimensions: 70mm (L) x 54mm (H) x 19mm (W).
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